Smart Tricks To Save Money On Your Trip To India

After booking flights to India, one should always look for ways that can save a good amount of money, only if ‘money is a consideration’. A penny saved is always a penny earned! Meanwhile, the best part about visiting India is that it brings you the best of options to enjoy a memorable journey at a budget-friendly cost. Now, here we have come up with the best tips that can help you save money on your trip to India.

Book An Online Cab

Besides choosing to get into the taxis of the taxi drivers who demand chunks of money for a very short distance, opt for online cabs like Ola, Uber and others. This will surely help you save a good amount of money. Besides, you also travel in various public transports that can save you bucks beyond imagination.

Travel off-season

Travelling to India during the off-season comes with the best of experiences at an affordable cost. Not only do you get to grab cheap AUS to IND flights, but also get the best luxurious hotels at a bargain price. You can also get the opportunity to travel to some of the most expensive places of India like Goa, Rajasthan and Kerala at a cheap price. Book your flight tickets during the pre-summers or pre-winters, to catch the bumper discount deals on opulent accommodations and best flight services. Avoid planning a trip to India during the festive times like Diwali, Holi, New Year and Christmas. The flight and accommodation charges are at peak during these times.

Make Advance Booking

Who doesn’t want to feel the joy of paying less while booking India international flights? Now, the key behind getting cheap flights to India is booking air tickets in advance. Booking AUS to IND flights at least 1-2 months prior to your departure date; can help you get the cheapest flights to India. Also, it’s worth stating here that mid-day flights are way cheaper than early morning or later in the evening flights. So, now before booking your flight tickets, keep these factors in mind.

Choose Holiday Package

Besides booking your flights and hotels separately, choose to grab a holiday package offered by numerous travel agencies. They provide good discounts on booking a holiday package to India with the best of service. You do not need to compromise much while choosing a holiday package for your travel to India. You might be lucky enough to get packages that even provide flights with multiple destinations.

Prefer Meals From Outside

If your hotel presents you with a list of delectable food items, try not to fall into the trap. Prefer to eat meals from outside rather than relishing the hotel served items and increasing your net bill. Savour the luscious taste of numerous traditional cuisines and finger-licking fast-foods in India. Every nook of India has a story to say and a unique taste of the inherited history and culture.

Add Breakfast Meal While Booking Room

There are numerous hotels that offer free one time meals i.e. the breakfast. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Book that hotel early and get the facility of free delicious breakfast in your hotel room. This is truly one of the best money-saving tips.

Say ‘No’ To Deluxe Rooms

Booking a deluxe room by paying extra is usually considered to be an easy way to waste your money. Why do so? Save the amount by booking pretty comfortable hotel rooms with good facilities at a budget-friendly price. Never overpay for a room again when you travel.

Group Travelling

Travelling with a group of people is always of great benefit. It is the foremost important tip for money-saving while travelling to India. You can get great discounts on flights while travelling with a group and can book a dormitory room and share the cost. This not only helps you save a good chunk but also makes your bond with your friends stronger.

Keep A Check On Deals

If you are planning to come to India, keep an eye on different offers and deals on flights, hotels, packages, circulating online. Book India international flights from where you get the best deal. This will really make a great difference.

Compare Deals 

Before booking for a deal which might seem cheap to you, do compare it with others. It might happen that other sites are providing more lucrative offers than the one you selected earlier. Compare the discounts these websites are providing on hotels, flights, car booking and more. This will help you pick the best of all.

Make your travel experiences the best of all by following the stated tricks to save money while spending a vacay in India. Book cheap flights to India with MyTicketsToIndia and save yourself from burning a hole in the pocket.

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