Best Communication Solutions for Customer Satisfaction in Business

Best Communication Solutions

The virtual phone numbers are paid telephone numbers in American. These are impressive numbers for which calls are entirely free for the caller. The cost of the communication is borne 100% by the entity or person receiving the call. For this reason, the toll-free number is widely used by companies, organizations, institutions, and associations to be contacted under the best conditions by their customers or other stakeholders.

The history of the toll-free number

Initially, the toll free number was a service developed and set up by the American historical operator American Telecom now called Orange, via a registered trademark. From now on, the service has spread widely among all referenced operators.

How is the valuable toll-free number for a business?

It is an ideal solution for companies to provide their customers, prospects, or any stakeholder wishing to call the company an easy and free number to reach. Toll-free number service is widely used for customer service, support service, or sales service functions.

  • It is also widely used in marketing departments to support their communication campaigns.
  • Many large companies are setting up free numbers in American. For small businesses (SMEs and VSEs), it is much more difficult (and expensive).
  • We have decided to reverse this trend by offering a service for activating toll-free numbers.

The advantages:

This means that it is not attached to a landline or a SIP line (i.e., an internet telephone line), and there are therefore no complications for its implementation.

Concretely, the number’s activation is limited to choosing online this toll-free number among several thousand and to indicate the fixed or mobile lines with which you wish to receive your calls. These telephone numbers can be changed at any time. Your free number follows you on any phone and adapts to any existing configuration.

No installation and activation time reduced to a few minutes

You will be able to associate your toll-free number with a quality telephone reception with studio-type welcome messages, on-hold music, or to distribute your calls according to a voice menu type 1, type 2 of all the Standard tools Easy to track your calls: tracking interface on the web or via IOS or Android applications.

If several employees need to follow up on received calls, you can schedule call notifications on multiple email addresses. The toll-free number can thus be used in collaborative mode, which may be relevant because several people may be required to handle the calls.

There are no variable bills at the end of the month:

There are no surprises. Most of the offers currently on the market have complicated billing, with commissioning fees, different rates depending on whether the caller uses a landline or mobile phone, additional paid services, etc.

Standard Easy toll-free number packs include several hours of communications per month (5H, 30H, or 100H), regardless of whether they are landlines or mobile, and include all voice reception and call tracking features.

The Standard Easy toll-free number packs are non-binding:

The company has the option of terminating its number without notice and at any time. Therefore, the offer is ideally suited for short-term implementations, for a special event, or a limited-time marketing campaign.

If you are also planning to get a toll-free number for your company, then there is no better way than getting a virtual phone number. For selecting the right virtual phone number, you can go through the comparisons of different virtual phone number providers, for example MightyCall vs Grasshopper. After checking the comparisons of different virtual phone number service providers, you can take the service from the right one.

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