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Social Media Manager vs Community Manager

In the social media world sometimes, people get confused between the people who are known for promoting the brand and the people who are interacting with the users. For brand promotion on the social media platforms it is the responsibility of a social media manager and for the interaction with the users is the duty of a community manager. Most of the social media managers use these recommended websites to buy instagram followers which is necessary for any compagen. Both of these jobs are most of the time the responsibility of a single person especially in the small companies. One of the main distinction lines between both the jobs is that the Social Media Manager behaves like the brand while the Community Managers advocates and speaks for it.

In order to apply for the job, the person has to go through all the aspects of both the areas because many times there is an overlap of the responsibilities for the social media manager and the community manager with the help of this site to get a massive amount of following..

Social Media Manager for Facebook & Instagram:

The social media manager is to develop a social media strategy in terms of business perspective for the brand. The manager is required to build up the content for the brand along with making improvements on the content and scheduling it. They also must manage and analyze the overall performance of the social media users like Instagram followers regarding their brand which can get over here. Monitoring the conversations and engaging with the audience from the brands’ perspective.

Community Manager:

The community manager is to act as a brands’ spokesperson which has to use his or her own voice to engage with the audience in order to build a community. People who have the responsibility of the community manager can use their own social media platform to convey the message to their followers. They have to focus more on the customer-based engagement like connecting with the followers on the regular basis to spread brand awareness.

According to Job Description; Social Media Manager vs Community Manager:

  • The social media manager has to do 35 % listening and engaging while the community manager has to do 40 % of communication with the audience.
  • 25 % of research and strategic planning is the responsibility of the social media manager while 20 % of community building strategy is on the community manager.
  • Social Media Manager is responsible for 20 % of creation of the content while building conversations, networking and the building of brand awareness is about 20 % duty of the community manager.
  • People who are acting as social media managers have to provide 10 % of their work for scheduling of content, analytics and reporting of social content and the collaboration of the team while people who are acting as community managers have to provide 10 %of their work for the collaboration and curating of the social media content. 10 % of community analytics and the reporting based on the audience which the person has, this is also the part of the responsibility of the community manager.
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